Away with the fat!

Away with the fat!

Documentary reportage

Our young generation is too fat. Every fifth child in Germany is now overweight.

In Germany, almost twenty percent of all children and adolescents are overweight. In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern almost a third of first graders are too fat. The health insurance companies are sounding the alarm because the increase in overweight people and the corresponding sickness related to obesity is putting a financial burden on their customers. In the Ostsee health clinic Wustrow on the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula they have developed a very special concept in the fight against obesity. Firstly, over a three week period, children in the hospital are educated to give them the tools for a new, healthy and enriched life. Following these three weeks, the children are advised at home for half a year by nutritionists. After these six months they all meet once more in the health clinic in Wustrow. NDR Author Till Lehmann accompanied the boys and girls during this meeting with a camera crew for the documentary reportage on NDR television (November 3, 10, 17 at 18.15)
Exception to the norm: During the stay in the hospital the parents were always present, because without them nothing would be accomplished. Unlike other "weight-loss cures" the results of the Wustrower clinic approach are more positive and sustainable, and the chances of success are greater.

In spring 2010, eight children and their parents begin the project "Weight Loss in Wustrow". Eight children who tried in vain for years to get rid of their extra pounds. Eight families whose old way of life must change dramatically.

All the girls and boys have high hopes that the program on the Baltic Sea will change their lives. But losing weight is no picnic. The euphoria of the first days passes quickly - from then on it is hard work. And there will come a time when they must go home and confront a life that is full of temptations. The Wustrower clinic regularly sends nutritionists to the families, but the daily grind is difficult: birthdays, barbecues, DVD evenings including potato chips. The scales are not always merciful. The kids constantly move one step forward and two steps back. In six months they will all meet again in Wustrow and none of them wants to be the loser.