The Battle at the Harzhorn

The Battle at the Harzhorn

Rome’s last campaign into Germania

An inconspicuous ridge in southern Lower Saxony was the scene of a 3rd century battle between Germans and Romans – and today a scientific sensation.

In 2008 in Lower Saxony archeologists were confronted with a strange metal object. It was found in the Harzhorn, an insignificant mountain range in southern Lower Saxony. It was a Roman artifact; but what confused the archeologists was the fact that it was not supposed to be there.

An archeological mystery. The beginning of a scientific sensation. The reason: apparently after the Varus Batlle in 9 AD, the Romans never again ventured deep into Germania. At least that´s what the history books say. But the first discoveries at Harzhorn show that the history of Northern Germany has to be rewritten: the Romans returned to Germania in the 3rd century.

But what really happened at Harzhorn? The films producers team up with archeologists to find an answer. They show how, using modern methods, the events of over 1500 years ago can be reconstructed. NDR author Florian Dedio was present during the excavations and the analysis of the finds. His resulting film, “The Mystery of the Roman Battle” is an exciting archeological thriller with elaborate cinematography.