Cape Of Good Voices

Cape Of Good Voices

South Africa Hooked On Opera

What is the deal with the amazing South African enthusiasm for opera?

In the townships teenagers blare opera arias, in schoolyards on the edge of the Kalahari vying adolescents can be heard singing coloratura: South Africa gripped in opera-mania? The land at the Cape of Good Hope has not exactly made a name as an opera Paradise, but one meets young people all over the country, especially blacks, who sing with melodic voices arias by Mozart and Verdi, as if there were nothing more natural. This is far more than a curiosity, because until the 1990s, the opera was reserved solely for the white elite in South Africa. So what is going on with this amazing South African opera craze?

Thanks to her strong choral tradition, South Africa has a huge potential of excellent voices. The Cape Town Opera, Africa's only opera house with a year round play schedule, has recognized this. Once a year, a minibus with the best young singers in the Opera House travels throughout South Africa. The young opera stars are to inspire students with their singing and at the same time be on the lookout for new vocal talent. The documentary "Cape of good voices - South Africa Opera-Mania" tells the story of this adventurous journey through South Africa's provinces, the enthusiasm for the opera troupe of young South Africans from Cape Town and the discovery of unimagined vocal wonder.

The composition of the touring singing troupe is so different than that of the multi-ethnic nation of South Africa: blacks, whites and "coloureds" - the South African Coloured. Their personal stories are touching and often staggering: Many blacks come from the townships and grew up in great poverty. The documentary introduces them as strong, confident young artists and provides surprising insights into the lifestyle of the post-apartheid generation.