History Shorts

History Shorts

An entertaining, glimpse-like view on the 20th century – suitable for multi-platform use

Scenes from the 20th century, mostly shot between 1909 and 1976 by world-wide operating newsreel cameramen, present a new, glimpse-like view on the past. Whether of big historic events or unknown moments in every-day life, in colour or black & white, these images take effect on all viewers, no matter where they are from.

Selected for their visual criteria, the films stand alone without much further explanation needed. Country, place and date along with small, mostly surprising details being shown on a designed stripe at the side of the screen help classify the images. But the focus remains on the “film document” itself and the message it conveys.

The sound is the original one of the historic film material which may be the voice of the newsreel’s commentator, the original music or a person’s statement. To silent films we add sound effects appropriate to the images. The clips are edited (partly from un-published rough material) and range from 50 to 80 seconds in length.

Two clips are always combined – either about the same subject but at different locations or moments in time, or about diverse events happening at the same place or date. Thus, each pair opens a new perspective and transports variable emotions – on a story or an epoch. Suitable for multi-platform use, the series’ aim is to amaze its viewers, make them think, laugh and cry.