Meine Einheit

Meine Einheit

Destinies in a united Germany

22 years after reunification, people from East-Germany recall their lives, their dreams, their worries and their fears during those fateful months between the fall of the Wall in 1989 and reunification a year later.

The ambitious production recreates the days when East Germans encountered and experienced, freedom and anarchy, reconstruction and collapse in a unique and intense way.

The documentary, however, doesn´t simply depict the past. Twenty years after the fact, every witness returns to the place where their destinies suddenly changed. What happened to those people? Who feels victorious and who defeated? Which meandering paths and detours did their lives take - lives that represent 17 million East Germans?

At the same time, every governing leader of the so-called “federal states” since 1990 was asked about their personal and political view of this reunification. What was successful, what turned out completely different from what was expected and feared? What remains to be done after over 20 years? The result is a dense portrait of the reality of life in East Germany in 2010 and a reflection on the long road the East Germans have traveled since 1990.